Blue Oyster Grow Kit

Blue Oyster Grow Kit

Blue Oyser mushrooms generally grow in clusters with curved stems, and scallop-shaped caps. Their color is what makes them a joy to grow: they will start out very small and dark grayish blue, and as their caps expand they will lighten in color, while remaining true to their name.  


Blue Oysters have been used for centuries as immune system support, and are reported to have antibacterial properties. Like other mushrooms, Blues are low calorie and packed with antioxidants to support organ vitality and function from your skin to your heart and brain. 


Blues are easy to prepare: they can be used whole, torn, or chopped and are amazing added to risotto, pasta, pizza, and more. Blues are often used as a vegan meat substitute in dishes like tacos!  If you are preparing a dish that requires a long cooking time, we recommend adding the oyster mushrooms in the last stage of cooking; their thin cap cooks quickly. Oyster mushrooms can also be an exquisite standalone side dish when pan fried to a golden color. Firm and crispy - yum! 


Hand-packed in the USA by a local minority-owned small business. 


    Kit includes everthing you will need to grow your mushrooms: 

    • 1 bag of sterilized substrate with mushroom mycelium already thriving inside 
    • 1 misting bottle
    • 1 humidity tent

    You'll just need a clean knife, some tape, and a couple ounces of tap water, and you're off and growing!  

    Easy and fun for all ages! Kids love to watch them grow, and they grow fast! 

    Estimated yield: 2-5 lbs per grow kit. 


    Provided all directions are followed, Central Valley Mushrooms offers a first-time Grower Guarantee on all grow kits. They're ready to produce when they leave our warehouse, and just need the misting from you to bloom! 

    We do not accept returns or exhanges , so be sure that you order is correct when you receive it, and contact us right away if anything is missing or unsatisfactory. 


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